Fully automatic weighing and packing line from Ishida and Jasa with just pre-owned machinery and equipment to reduce the price over a new line.

Setting up an automatic weighing and packing line

Case; Belgian customer who wants to automatically weigh and pack green beans. Needed to be a fully automatic line with in-feed belt, weighing machine, vertical bagging machine for pillow bags to have a 400gram - 500gram - 1000gram portions.

Starting to build the line

Equipment to build this line is all pre-owned. More information about the machinery can be found by clicking the corresponding link to our website.

  • Z-belt feeding belt for minimum floor space necessary.
  • Ishida 14 headed multihead weigher.
  • Jasa 350CM continuous motion machine with 1 tool.
  • Gantry with stairs and handrail

After gathering all the equipment our team did some adjustment to the conveyor belt and the gantry to be able to fit the Ishida multihead weigher. The belt originally came without supporting feet so these were added, this way we could prevent vibrations from the moving belt give errors to the Ishida weigher. We added a product-sensor to the belt with a start stop system to feed the Ishida only when necessary. This way we could control the amount of beans feeded to the Ishida weigher.

The height of the gantry was slightly adjusted to have enough clearance for the Jasa and handrails were added.While the belt and gantry were adjusted we electrically connected the weigher to the bagger. Communication between these machines is vital for automatic production. The weigher and Jasa were already serviced prior to setting up this line so creating the whole line was a matter of days.Before we ship out the weighing and packing line we do a test-run in our warehouse. Here we’ll slowly run the machine to see if all parts of the weigher and bagger work. Important to see are of-course if all weighing cells, vibratory feeders and buckets are still in good condition.