Garos meat injector

Garos meat injector

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Standard features Uniform injection, low SD value thanks to unique flow and ventilation system. Flow system adapted to even the most viscous types of brine and marinade. Horizontally (HDI) and vertically (VDI) differentiated injection. Stainless steel, high-capacity centrifugal pump. Separate circulation pump for viscous brine keeps the solution in constant circulation to prevent sedimentation at the bottom. Valves that are pneumatically controlled and completely maintenance free. Automatic draining after injection. Automatic washing program. Fully visual control and movable arm during injection process. Rotating filter with 4-stage filtration. Automatic self-cleaning inline filter. Fully automatic lubrication with alarm system. PLC control with 15-inch color touchscreen panel or manual control. Designed high hygienic standard and minimal service and maintenance. All standard components are well known brands, such as SEW, Mitsubishi, Telemecanique, Siemens and Bosch Rexroth


CapacityStrokes per minute; 20/70 Maximum product height; 210mm Brine pressure; 0.5 – 5 bar.