Innotech 3200 revo vertical bagging machine

No longer available

Innotech 3200 revo vertical bagging machine

Nagele, Netherlands


Standard features For all usual bags as well as for special types Low-wear welding and sealing systems Heat sealing, permanently heated sealing system or impulse sealing, ultrasonic sealing (optional) Safely sealed seams thanks to high sealing jaw pressure – cross jaw drive with servo motor, variable opening width (storable in the program), welding and sealing pressure adjustable (storage optional) Menu-supported operation via color touch screen, IPC control, memory for 300 programs (optionally up to 1,000), different levels of access (password protected), data backup / transfer via USB, memory card or Ethernet interface optional All models with SIEMENS PLC (S7 series) Safe film tracking by standard automatic film tracking control Easy to clean and easily accessible, no painted parts Cabinet made of stainless steel Low maintenance, high availability, minimized set-up times Flexible height adjustment thanks to consistent modular design Specifications