Webomatic vacuum machine

No longer available

Webomatic vacuum machine

Nagele, Netherlands


Standard features Compact Installed and set-up in minutes Completely stainless steel Works on propane Comes without the frame and insert plates/ trolley Specifications Good condition compact double chamber Webomatic vacuum machine.


Motor– Power: 1,5 kW, 3,6 A
Capacity– Vacuum pump: Busch R5 065 m3/h – Computer 3000 S * 10 pre-progammed programs * Vacuum, Soft-Air (ESA) and gas-flush (MAP), Sensor controlled. * Double seal (beide Siegeldrähte einzeln regelbar) * Vacuum-Stop and Programm-Stop-Function
Measurements– Maschine Dimensions: 980 x 710 x 980 mm (b-t-h) – Chamber Dimensions: 440 x 600 x 180 mm (b-t-h) – Sealbars: 4 x 430 mm – Chamber depth: 500 mm