Complete weighing and packing line

No longer available

Complete weighing and packing line

Nagele, Netherlands


Standard features Complete stainless steel platform, very large for space to walk on. Also a wall to hang the buckets and clean everything off without having to bring everything down. Constructed fully from stainless steel. Teardrop platform to walk on, to prevent from slipping. Stairs to reach higher to the vibrating gutter. This to check the production and clean the highest parts of the line. Strong stainless steel cone to attach the vibrating gutter. This to prevent the shaking from the gutter will affect the weighing accuracy of the Yamato. It’s a very well maintained weighing and packing line that has been serviced to the highest standards. The whole line was in production till last week August the 19th. Than professional taken out of production, and now in our warehouse where we’ll assemble it again to showcase it to potential customers. 18 different operating languages. 29 recipes can be stored. Compact robust design Hygenic, can be completely washed down.


CapacityWeighing heads: 14 Weight range: up to 3.000g ( single drop ) Weighing heads volume: 5.000cc Max. product length: 180mm Max. speed: ~80 weighing per minute at 500g.