Yamato multihead weigher ADW714 SWH

No longer available

Yamato multihead weigher ADW714 SWH

Nagele, Netherlands


Standard features Delivered with In-feed funnel that can be adjusted for many types of products. A much more recent RCU810-A coloured control panel. We’ve upgraded to this system compared to the old RCU600. New stainless steel parts, all dimple plated suitable for a lot of products. This prevents product from sticking. Vibrating gutters have been swapped. All motors, weighing cells and bearings have been checked, when necessary some have been swapped for new ones. Specifications Superb high quality Yamato 714 for sale. This particular machine has been rebuild with many news parts and electrics. Machine is reconditioned to very high standards.


Weight1000 kg
Capacity(2) NO. OF WEIGH HEADS : 14 (3) PACK WEIGHT RANGE : 20~3000 g ( at single dump ) (4) MAX. TARGET VOLUME : 10000 cc ( at single dump ) (5) MAX. SPEED : 90 p/m (6) MAX. PRODUCT PIECE LENGTH : 180 mm (7) NUMBER OF PROGRAMS : 100 (8) DEGREES OF PROTECTION : IP-65
Measurements1600(L)×1600(W)×1734(H) mm