Newtec Jasa packaging line

Newtec Jasa packaging line

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Very well maintained Newtec lineair multihead weigher with Jasa 250 vertical bagging machine. This particular line can be sold as demonstrated without the conveyor belt (feeding belt). The Newtec and Jasa machines can also be offered separate. A Lineair weigher (most common is Newtec) is a weighing machine that is capable of handling delicate products. Compared to a round Multihead weigher it is less damaging for the products while the products have a decreased drop height. The machine has been set-up for a demo-run using a fixed weight. The machine reached speeds of ±45 bags per minute with a 280mm bag length. Another benefit of this particular line is that the working height is relatively low considering the Jasa 250 packaging machine is a very compact machine still capable of packing with high speeds. Complete plug and play line where only a feeding belt has to be added to. Compact in size, ideal for small production facilities. Ideal for companies working with delicate products.