2014 Automac 55 packaging machine

2014 Automac 55 packaging machine

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Now for sale; the super fast Automac piu 55 packaging machine. Capable of packing 55 trays per minute. This particular machine has never been in production, only ran a couple trays for testing. Delivered with many spare parts and an extra out-feed conveyor belt. Ideal for packaging fresh products like Meat, fish, fruit, vegetables, gastronomy and cheeses. And more. General information found on official website; The Automac 55 (55 packages/minute) and 55 Più HS (62 packages/minute): you can choose the version that most suits your production volumes. Speed control allows for the adjustment of 55Più to the packaging rhythms that can vary in the course of the day and in the course of the week. the 55 Più is powered by 380 V without any need for compressed air. The maximum in simplicity and silence! The machine has 6 points of access to the internal parts of the machine, which allows for very easy access both for periodic cleaning operations and regular maintenance.