Newtec 14 channel weighing line

Newtec 14 channel weighing line

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In stock, currently being assembled in our warehouse. Ideal weighing line for one product or a 2-mix production. The Newtec software can be divided into 2 separate weighers to be able to process 2 different products with the same machine. The line can be offered with two identical feeding conveyors belts to be able to keep these two different products separate and make accurate portions of each product. The Newtec itself is in a great working condition and can be easily set-up. Have a look at the video below of a short impression of it’s condition. Fully stainless dimple plated steel, the dimple plated steel prevent sticky products for sticking to the weigher, this to maintain a highly accurate production. After the portion has been created by the Newtec the products will drop below onto 2 collection belts where the products can be mixed or still be separate depending on your demands. For more information contact us. 14 channel Newtec weighing line Could run a 2-mix product