Mettler Toledo price-weighing and labelling line

No longer available

Mettler Toledo price-weighing and labelling line

Nagele, Netherlands


Standard features Labeller for small labels, previously used for small ‘quality control’ labels. The labellers can be controlled electrically for a perfect position for your labels. Garvens metal-detector head. Relatively large head making it suitable for small and large products to pass through. The belts has guides to perfectly position the products. Then the products are weighted on a conveyor belt with a high accuracy scale. This weight will be used for a weight>price to be automatically printed on the labels in the next step. The scale can weigh up to 6KG. From here the labels will be printed both top and bottom and can be applicated on the products from the top and bottom. Also these labellers can be electrically adjusted for a perfect position. At the end of the line there is a reject system for products detected with either metal or an off-weight. This reject system makes it possible to keep the line in continuous motion.


ManufacturerMettler Toledo