Complete weighing and packing line

No longer available

Complete weighing and packing line

Emmeloord, Netherlands


Complete from A to Z weighing and packing line. Always very well maintained, serviced till mid-august 2018. Professionaly taken out of production, now in stock and ready for re-sell. Machinery 1) Totebin lift. 200l. tote bins fit in this lift to take the product up and empty automatically on the vibrating gutter. 2) Vibrating gutter to receive the product from the tote-bin lift. This will vibrate the product nicely to the Yamato for a constant flow of product. 3) Yamato Sigma F1 714 weigher 14 head multihead weigher. (more information below) Equipped with dimple-plated stainless steel that makes this machine suitable for all kinds of product. highly popular machine. Parts and service are available. 4) Sandiacre vertical bagging machine with new couple year old control panel. With gas-flush installed. 5) OPTIONAL: Lock Insight (2014) metal detector designed to be in lines like this for vertical bagging machines. 6) OPTIONAL: Lazy Susan rotating table.


CapacityWeighing heads: 14 Weight range: up to 3.000g ( single drop ) Weighing heads volume: 5.000cc Max. product length: 180mm Max. speed: ~80 weighing per minute at 500g.