2016 Ishida Xray IX-GA-2475

2016 Ishida Xray IX-GA-2475

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Ishida X-ray IX-GA-2475

Excellent working condition X-ray from Ishida. Machine is in a perfect plug and play condition available from stock.

X-ray is perfect for detecting almost any kinds of 'foreign products'.

Have a quick look at the video for a small impression.

  • World-class foreign body detection
  • Can detect glass, stone, hard bone, rubber and hard plastic
  • Product grading, missing pieces, fill-level control and voids in product
  • Heavy-duty construction for years of reliable performance
  • Secure data storage for due diligence
  • Product masking and weight estimation

Foreign products are detected and automatically taken out the product flow with the rejection arm.

Evolutionary image processing* (GA)

GA (Genetic Algorithm) is a patented technique which is used exclusively in our IX Series. It allows you to accomplish a very high detection sensitivity on your products which cannot be accomplished anywhere else.

The use of GA allows the user to optimise the X-ray machine for their own unique product characteristics. Each GA can be tuned to focus on a specific foreign body that pose an inherent risk to the product. As such, every ISHIDA instrument can be uniquely and easily optimised to meet your specific challenges.

GA benefits

Improves sensitivity and detection rate

No need to send product or contaminant to a manufacturer’s lab – everything is done on site No need for service engineer or operator intervention


ManufacturerIshida Xray
Stock Number21533
Inspection tunnel widthUp to 240mm
Inspection tunnel heightUp to 120mm
Speed15-90 ppm