2008 Hiperbaric 55 Pasteuriser

No longer available

2008 Hiperbaric 55 Pasteuriser

Emmeloord, Netherlands


NC Hiperbaric S.A. high pressure pasteurization machine.

High Pressure Processing (HPP) also known as high pressure pascalization or cold pasteurization is a non-thermal (5ºC – 20ºC) food and beverage preservation method that guarantees food safety and achieves an increased shelf life, while maintaining the optimum attributes of fresh products.

  • Model: WAVE 6000 / 55
  • Year of construction: 2008,
  • 400 V, 50 Hz, 47 kW,
  • Volume: 55 liter, maximum presssure: 6300 bar, test pressure: 7875 bar (11-2008), throughput: 270 kg per hour,
  • Vessel diameter inside: 200 mm,
  • Temperature range: 0 - 40˚C,
  • Machine weight: ±20.000 kg, total dimensions: 8000 mm x 2800 mm x 2200 mm.

For more information about a similar mode; https://www.hiperbaric.com/en/hpp-technology/equipment/hpp-in-pack/hiperbaric-55/

For more information about HPP have a look here; https://www.hiperbaric.com/en/hpp-technology/what-is-hpp/

  • Food Safety Guaranteed. HPP destroys pathogens (Salmonella, E. Coli, Listeria, Vibrio, norovirus, etc.) and spoilage microorganisms (lactic acid bacteria, coliforms, etc.), meeting the requirements of food authorities.
  • Minimal Processing. The nutritional and organoleptic characteristics of food products are kept intact. It provides minimally processed foods, maintaining the freshness of the original product.
  • New Market Opportunities. In the case of some products such as cured ham, this is the only technology that allows its producers to enter markets safely, such as Japan or the US.
  • Shelf Life Extension. Depending on the product, HPP extends the shelf life up to 3x to 30x, while still ensuring a high-quality product.
  • Improve Supply Chain Operations. Thanks to an extended shelf life, it is possible to optimize production planning and scale operations.
  • Reduce Food Waste. HPP prevents food waste on the retail shelf and in the consumers refrigerator since it has an extended shelf life.
  • Clean Label. HPP allows to drastically reduce or eliminate the use of preservatives or additives in food.
  • Wide Range of Applications. HPP can be used for a variety of food application. Discover the range of applications on our website.
  • Versatile. HPP can be applied on packaged products (In-Pack), avoiding cross contamination; or directly on bulk liquids for greater productivity and having no limitations on packaging (In-Bulk).
  • Innovative Products. HPP allows R&D teams to develop innovative products for the consumer and open new market niches.
  • Increases the Extraction Yield of Shellfish Meat. HPP, at low pressures (3,000 bar), is used for opening bivalve mollusks and removing meat from crustaceans, increasing efficiency and minimizing labor.
  • Eco-friendly. It requires electricity and water, which can be recycled.


ManufacturerHiperbaric 55
* modelWAVE 6000 / 55
* year of construction2008,
* volume55 liter, maximum presssure
* vessel diameter inside200 mm.
* temperature range0 - 40˚C,