2019 Marel CG 600 compact grader

2019 Marel CG 600 compact grader

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2019 Compact grader CG600 from Marel.

Information found on the official Marel website.

Flexible all-in-one solution

Marel’s Compact Grader is a stand-alone solution designed to fulfill the needs of smaller operators, and larger ones, when requiring the excess capacity to handle temporary or seasonal overflows.

It consists of an infeed section, dynamic weighing and discharge with optional grading and batching processes for catch and best fit batching.

The Compact Grader may be used in various food processing industries:

  • Whole birds, fresh and frozen poultry elements • Whole fish, fresh and frozen fillet
  • Meat fresh and frozen

Plug and play

The Compact Grader is straightforward to install and operate, and with minimal effort, and the height may be adjusted from 850 mm to 1,250 mm. Marel offers a simple setup procedure with pictures instead of text and requires minimal training.

General information

  • Max product length; 400mm
  • Max product width; 250mm
  • Weight range; 40 - 3.000 gram
  • Up to 120 pieces per minute


ModelCG 600 compact grader