Marel TB 3000 Targetbatcher

Marel TB 3000 Targetbatcher

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Marel TB3000 targetbatcher.

Ideal machine to make batches for delicate products often used in the fish or meat industry.

If a product cannot be weighed by an automatic multihead weigher because of the damage it brings to the product this could be a solution.

The Marel TargetBatcher is the easy way to reduce giveaway, combining a pre-determined number of fresh or frozen products into a package of exact weight. With 7 high-accuracy individual scales and 14 holding bins the TargetBatcher selects the best combination of products in the fraction of a second.

The machine has been checked and functions very well. All scales give an accurate weight and all mechanical parts are in very good working condition. The manual is also available. See the video for an overall impression of the machine.

Reduces rework

In most packing processes, rework of under- or overweight packs becomes necessary to avoid penalties and giveaways. Rework is both labour intensive and time consuming, and the Marel TargetBatcher is an efficient and compact solution to most rework problems.


ManufacturerMarel TB 3000
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