Ruhle injector IR 56

Ruhle injector IR 56

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Ruhle IR56 injector

56 needles achieve up to 5.000 kg of curing per hour. The 350 mm-wide support surface ensures an ergonomic operation. An innovative machine concept

that delivers not only substantial time savings but also overall better quality.

Intuitive, large-format screen

The control computer synchronises nine drive units to ensure seamless functioning. During operation the system senses any changes and rapidly adjusts the Original IR 56 to the new conditions. The process data are documented and all settings and operating- or cleaning-related data are continuously shown on the screen for the operator to view.

Rotary filter for brine filtration

Everything that does not fit through the needles is filtered out of the returning brine. Lumps of protein or spices are crushed and mixed again with the brine. Thus, everything that should be in the brine remains, and everything else is safely filtered out. The entire system is easily removed, cleaned and re-assembled. The rest is a fully automatic function.

Integrated propeller mixer

A fast-rotating propeller mixes a perfectly seasoned brine in just one minute. It distributes the spices and ingredients evenly in the water and dissolves them perfectly. A slower propeller speed maintains the mixing result throughout injection. Spices and ingredients thus remain evenly distributed, and are kept continuously in a mix action to enable uniform seasoning of the meat.

  • Machine height

2.022 mm

  • Machine length

1.600 mm

  • Machine width

750 mm

  • Machine weight

750 kg

  • Connected load

400 V, 8,7 kW, 16 A

  • Performance

5.000 kg/h

  • Injection rate

60 mm

  • Belt width

350 mm

  • Injection volume

5 - 80 %

  • Pressure

1 - 5 bar


ManufacturerRuhle injector
ModelIR 56
Stock Number21545