2016 V-tech universal tray-denester VT-SD

No longer available

2016 V-tech universal tray-denester VT-SD

Emmeloord, Netherlands


V-tech Universal servo screw denester.

In absolute new condition machine, have a look at the video for an overall impression.

Continuously adjustable without tools – highly flexible machine!

Processes all forms of tray's, cups, blisters and other packagings!

Specially designed for various materials such as plastic, aluminium, foam or cardboard and different edge widths.

Trays are vertically denested by servo driven screws and directly dispensed on the conveyor (modular belt, flat belts, chain conveyor or walking beam). Denesting and separation of trays by 4 servo driven, fully adjustable dispensing screws. Only outside contact. Hygiene! No internal pollution for longer shelf life of products. Continuously adjustable in about 5 minutes, without tools!

Suitable for deployment in various demanding environments!



Direct driven separation screws ! No use of gearboxes, chaindrives or grease. Hand wheel / spindle adjustment for frequent and accurately set in X-Y-Z direction.


ManufacturerV-tech universal tray-denester
Stock Number1120