Multivac T300 automatic traysealer

Multivac T300 automatic traysealer

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Multivac T300 compact automatic traysealer Stunning addition to our already large Multivac stock. This Multivac T300 is an entry-level automatic traysealer with a lot of benefits. Thanks to it’s compact design this machine is perfect for many production facilities with little space. Work fully automatic, press start and the machine does the rest. The machine can be easily set-up by the large touch screen display. Build in Busch R5 vacuum-pump delivers fast production cycles 24/7 Delivered with many spare parts will ensure a long life with as little downtime as possible. Two moulds; 275 x 175 x variable depth 190 x 144 x variable depth Machine can work with Oxygen. Perfect for the meat industry but can also be used with ‘regular’ gas making this machine suitable for many different products. Water cooler installed for a closed circuit. This machine can be offered with a 2012 Mesutronic metal detector. This machine has been specially adapted to the Multivac, creating a nice packaging line with metal detection.


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