Baader 601 soft separator

Baader 601 soft separator

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Baader 601 separator In very good condition Baader 601 fish and meat separator. This machine is capable of processing up to 1200kg or raw product per hour. ( depending on type of product ) With this efficient compact machine you can save up to 75% of salmon meat from their frames. ( depends on filleting ) Delivered with 3 different drums, suitable for many kinds of Fish, Meat and Poultry Also delivered with an in-feed lift. Technical Data: operator requirements: 1 person drum hole diameter: 2, 3 and 5 mm throughput: approx. 1200kg/ hour The throughput values vary extremely in dependence of the hole size in the perforated dum, the type of feeding, the product and its pre-treatment (e.g. degree of pre-grinding), the feeding temperature, the selected pressure etc. The values for each application have to be determined individually between the customer of the machine and the supplier. Customer Benefits: highest end product quality reduced labour costs highly efficient with minimal space user-friendly easy and time saving cleaning sanitary standards recognised world-wide gentle product processing reduced machine wear USDA approved and CE labelled ergonomic machine system castors for easy handling of machine