2020 Cabinplant mobile screw in-feed weigher

2020 Cabinplant mobile screw in-feed weigher

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Cabinplant 14 heads multihead weigher

  • Screw in-feed feeders
  • 2020! barely used, 339 production hours
  • Dimple plate stainless steel
  • Collection gate with automatic reject for off-weights
  • Mobile
  • Height can be easily adjusted, easily to integrate.
  • Large touch-panel for easy control
  • In-feed belt is included

The Cabinplant Multihead Weigher with screw feeder is a unique and patented solution that is perfect for handling sticky & wet products. 

Speed, flexibility and precision are key parameters when optimizing your cost of production. The Cabinplant screw feeding principle has introduced the benefits of multihead weighing to processors of wet and sticky products and has made it possible for industries, in the fish & seafood, meat & poultry, fruit & vegetables and convenience food industries, to achieve higher weighing accuracy and to reduce give-away costs considerably. In addition, our customers have benefitted from a ROI of less than 18 months.

The multihead weigher gives you a well-proven and reliable weighing machine.


ManufacturerCabinplant mobile screw in-feed weigher
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