2010 Mettler Toledo Garvens XS 3 CC

No longer available

2010 Mettler Toledo Garvens XS 3 CC

Emmeloord, Netherlands


Mettler Toledo Garvens checkweigher and metal-detector combination machine.

Very good condition plug-and-play machine!

Has a separate reject system for off-weights and metal contaminated products.

General specifications;

  • Rated max. 1300gram
  • Rated min. 7gram
  • E-weighing
  • Current speed 85 pieces per minute (depends on pack)
  • Weighing platform dimensions; ±540mm x 200mm wide (bigger belt is possible)
  • metal detector Aperture; 163mm high x 250mm wide
  • Full stainless steel


ManufacturerMettler Toledo Garvens
ModelXS 3 CC
Stock Number1176