Weiler RSBF02 separator for meat/ fish and poultry

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Weiler RSBF02 separator for meat/ fish and poultry

Emmeloord, Netherlands


Weiler separator in very good working condition!


Weighing only 1150 lbs. and measuring less than 5 feet long, this compact food processor delivers big results. Developed for the smaller to mid-size operation, the RSTC-02RA is an excellent machine for small scale poultry and fish processing requirements, or as a secondary filter machine.


The RSTC-02RA desinews and debones poultry or fish just like its larger counterparts, but on a smaller scale. But don’t let its “smaller” size mislead you. You will still discover Weiler-Beehive quality throughout. All desinewing and deboning operations are performed with as much precision and consistency as in Beehive’s larger machines, the only differences being in throughput capacity and presizing requirements on larger products.

The RSTC-02RA features a 5 horse motor (3.74 Kw), a spacious 6.3 cubic ft. (180 l.) hopper and has an impressive throughput capacity of 500 lbs. (227 kg.) to 1000 lbs. (454 kg.) per hour. Its patented design produces a high quality, fine or course textured meat which is dis- tinctively characteristic of all separated meat produced by a Weiler- Beehive deboner/separator.

The RSTC-02RA has an INTERCHANGEABLE CHAMBER. The auger and chamber are not matched. Customers can readily insert a new chamber on-site, eliminating the need to return the entire head assembly when “sharpening” is required. By simply changing the chamber, optimum and preferred textures are produced.


ModelRSBF02 separator for meat/ fish and poultry
Stock Number1660