Eillert GWT5-350 vegetable washer

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Eillert GWT5-350 vegetable washer

Emmeloord, Netherlands


Eillert GWT5-350 vegetable washing machine.

This Eillert vegetable washing machine is suitable for washing different types of fruit and vegetables. The washer is equipped with a single water screw propulsion system (immersion washing), which immerses the product over the total length of the washer. The vibrating chute takes care of the dewatering and the export of the washed product. The good immersion created by this system provides an optimal washing effect and also a perfect mixing effect. As a result, the washing machines can also be used as mixers. In addition to heavy vegetables, the product-friendly concept is also extremely suitable for fragile lettuce varieties and whole leaves (Lollo Bionda / Rosso, baby leaf, lamb's lettuce, etc.) and leafy herbs (Rucola, etc.). Due to the continuous washing process, the washing machines are easy to integrate into production lines. The transport speed of the product and thus the residence time in the washer is adjustable.


ModelGWT5-350 vegetable washer
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