2011 Kronen GEWA 2600 plus washer

No longer available

2011 Kronen GEWA 2600 plus washer

Emmeloord, Netherlands


Kronen GEWA 2600 plus washing

Effective, gentle and economical washing of up to 600 kg per hour

The GEWA 2600 PLUS is used for pre-washing, washing, disinfecting, mixing, treating and rinsing lettuce, vegetables and fruit. It can be used flexibly and is usually positioned downstream of a cutting machine between the low-care and high-care area. 

The wash tank is filled either automatically via an infeed belt or manually. Both floating and sinking products are conveyed through the wash tank by the HELICAL washing system in a spiral movement. The flow rate and movement of the water in the wash tank can be adjusted to suit different products. At the end of the wash tank, the product and the water are transported to a vibration or belt outfeed by means of an overflow and sprayed with a fresh water shower. The water flows through a strainer into the pump tank, from which it it pumped back into the wash tank and used again. 

Versatile application options:

  • Lettuce (e.g. baby leaf, iceberg): cut and whole leaves
  • Vegetables: cut and whole 
  • Herbs (e.g. parsley, chives): loose and in bunches
  • Fruit (e.g. pineapple, melon): cut and whole
  • Other leafy products (e.g. spinach), tuber products, pulses and mushrooms, as well as seaweed or kelp

As a result, the GEWA ensures an undamaged, optionally cleaned product that, if necessary, has been disinfected with a washing additive. In addition, the product can be efficiently mixed (e.g. mixed salads) and cooled down by the washing process.


ModelGEWA 2600 plus washer
Stock Number1955