2017 Marel Fillet washer

No longer available

2017 Marel Fillet washer

Emmeloord, Netherlands


Marel fillet washer

Marel’s deslimer rinsing system is made in a strong stainless steel design with a smooth and easy-to-clean surface.

All materials are FDA-approved and meet the strict hygiene demands in the industry. The machine has a built-in cleaning programme and all pipe systems are equipped with quick release, preventing ilthy water from being stored in the pipes.

Flexibility is a keyword in Marels design philosophy and we always take the needs of our customers into consideration. The deslimer rinsing system can be delivered as a single stand- alone machine or as an integrated part of a production line, depending on your needs and requirements.

More information on; fish-salmon-desliming-fillet-washing-2018.pdf


ModelFillet washer
Stock Number20000